Final agenda for Santa Fe

"Chris Weider" <clw> Thu, 14 November 1991 21:40 UTC

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Subject: Final agenda for Santa Fe
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Having seen no comments on the agenda for DISI, here's the final version of
the agenda for Santa Fe. Please come prepared to discuss the papers
and the second paper is following this message. See you there.

DISI has the 4:00 - 6:00 session on Monday, Nov. 18, which conflicts with
the following groups...

                 APP    Internet Message Extensions WG (Greg
                 INT    IP over Appletalk WG (John Veizades/Apple)
                 INT    Router Requirements WG (Philip
                 OPS    User Connectivity Problems (Dan Long/BBN)
                 RTG    Border Gateway Protocol WG (Yakov Rekhter/IBM)
                 RTG    IP over Large Public Data Networks WG
                        (George Clapp/Ameritech)
                 SEC    Privacy-Enhanced Electronic Mail WG (Steve
                 USV    Directory Information Services Infrastructure
                        (Chris Weider/Merit)

which I think should give us a reasonable attendance and not too much overlap.

The agenda is:

1: Discussion and possible modification of Atlanta minutes.
2: Ruth and Russ's document, mention work done and final form as the paper
    should be out as an I-D and started up the track.
3: Chris, Joyce, and Sergio's paper. This has been revised twice since Atlanta,
   and is on its (I hope) last round of reviews. It will be posted to the
   list no later than Wednesday, Nov 13, in whatever form it has then. Please
   read it and come prepared to discuss....
4: Discussion of and possible assignment of the 'How to join a pilot' 
5: Discussion of and possible assignment of the 'How to set up a DSA' paper.
6: Future Work???

See ya there!
Chris Weider