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Ruth Lang <rlang@NISC.SRI.COM> Thu, 02 January 1992 18:00 UTC

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Subject: information on "how to..." documents
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From: Ruth Lang <rlang@NISC.SRI.COM>

I will keep you posted as I learn more from Erik on the availablity
of the translation of the updated version as referred to below.


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Date:    Thu, 02 Jan 92 10:44:23 +0100
From:    "Erik Huizer (SURFnet BV)" <Erik.Huizer@SURFNET.NL>
To:      Ruth Lang <>
Subject: Re: help with documents

==> From: Ruth Lang


first of all: happy new year!

> During the July IETF DISI working group meeting, you referenced the
> availability of documents from PARADISE or NORDUNet on "How to Join a
> Pilot" and "How to Set-up a DSA."  I've sent email to
> asking them for help on obtaining either
> (not knowing which was the PARADISE and which was the NORDUNet
> document).  Can you provide pointers to the NORDUNet document?

The how to join a pilot is from Paradise, and David Goodman
( should be able to help you there. The other document,
has been worked upon, and I just received the following on the document:

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Date: Thu, 2 Jan 1992 11:08:21 +0200
From: Juha Heinanen <>


the guide is available as*.  it is,
however, out of date what comes to isode 7.0.  we have an updated
version, but that is available only in finnish.  if there is interest
(and money from somewhere) we could update also the english version.

- -- juha
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I will see if I can get the Paradise/Cosine people to fund a translation.

Hope this helps,


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