Minutes from Santa Fe DISI meeting

Chris Weider <weider@ans.net> Thu, 02 April 1992 22:28 UTC

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Subject: Minutes from Santa Fe DISI meeting

Minutes for San Diego Meeting of DISI, March 19, 1992

  1: Old Minutes
  2: RFC Progress
  3: New Documents

1: The old minutes were discussed; no modifications were necessary.

2: RFC progress: All the documents currently in the working group have
come out as RFCs. Ruth Lang and Russ Wright's "A catalog of Available X.500
Implementations" is out as FYI 11, RFC 1292. The Executive Overview was
split into two documents, and is out as:
	FYI 13, RFC 1308: Executive Introduction to Directory Services
	Using the X.500 Protocol, by Chris Weider and Joyce Reynolds
	FYI 14, RFC 1309: Technical Overview of Directory Services
	Using the X.500 Protocol, by Chris Weider, Joyce Reynolds,
	and Sergio Heker.

3: There were 5 new documents discussed:
   1: A Pilot Project Catalog,
   2: A DSA Setup Guide,
   3: An Advanced Usages document,
   4: A document on how to get yourself or your company registered in the
	X.500 Directory,
   5: A document on the naming philosophy of X.500, which would answer
	questions such as: Where do I really belong in the Directory,
	and why would I want a name?

2 of these were assigned, with the rest to wait for assignment until Boston:
Paper 3 will be written by Chris Weider, Russ Wright, and Jake Feinler.
Paper 4 will be written by April Marine, Tim Howes, Mark Smith, and Pat