another version of the catalog available

Ruth Lang <rlang@NISC.SRI.COM> Tue, 26 November 1991 00:07 UTC

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Subject: another version of the catalog available
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 91 16:06:07 GMT
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Another new(er) version of the document "A Catalog of Available X.500
Implementations" is available via anonymous ftp from two sites:

This version reflects the following changes:

   - A "LAST MODIFIED" section has been added to each implementation
     description and a description for it has been added to the
     description of the survey template.

   - The description for DE was moved.  It was out of alphabetical order.

   - A typographical error (transposed digits in an area code) was
     corrected in the DS-520 description.

A request to update the corresponding Internet-Draft
(draft-ietf-disi-catalog-00.txt) has been made.

Please review this document and email any suggestions or corrections
to by COB Monday, December 2, 1991.  If no additional
comments are received, Russ and I will take steps to make this
document an FYI.


Ruth Lang