Re: How to get registered paper - Re: DISI minutes, Boston, July 16

Einar Stefferud <> Mon, 27 July 1992 22:50 UTC

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Hmmm -- I think we are not in synch.  I will try again...

> Stef:

> Hi! This has nothing to do with the 'registration' vs 'listing'
> paradigms.  It's a paper on how to get your campus or organization
> hooked up to the global X.500 directory. There's no draft yet.  ...Chris

Are you planning to create entries in pilot X.500 DITs that represent
registered entities, such as companies, universities, and residential
people, etc?

If yes, what do you mean by the use of the phrase "How to get
registered" which is the title of a to-be-drafted RFC?

If no, what do you intend to do in your pilot?  

Is there a document I should read to figure out what this is about?

I just want to alert you to the possibility that a DISI pilot might be
going off in directions that make it ahrd later on to mesh with real
world DITs.  

In the real world, we hope to use the civil naming authrorities to
register RDN values for use to form DNs for entries.

Are you planning to register RDN values too, in competition with teh
civil naming authorities, so you can enter listing in your pilot DIT.