Draft minutes of DISI meeting

"Chris Weider" <clw> Tue, 20 August 1991 20:46 UTC

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Subject: Draft minutes of DISI meeting

     Here are the draft minutes of the DISI meeting. Please look them over
and let me know if you have any corrections, additions, deletions, emendations,
disputations, revisions, or peanut-butter & jelly sandwiches. Thanks!
Please send all comments  in by Thursday evening, AAugust 22.
Chris Weider
DISI chair

	Draft Minutes of the Directory Information Services Infrastructure
		meeting at Atlanta, July 29, 1991

A list of attendees follows the minutes.

The agenda, as stated at the beginning of the meeting, was as follows:

1) Charter Issues
2) Scope of DISI
3) Paper 1 (Weider, Reynolds, Heker)
4) Paper 2 (Lang, Wright)
5) Third paper assignment
6) Transition to Ops group

The way it went:

1) Chris W. mentioned that the charter had been revised as recommended in St. 

2) A freewheeling discussion about the scope of DISI then ensued. Chris W. asked
Steve Kille to speak a bit about the chartered purpose of OSI-DS, and then 
asked the crowd if there were any areas which needed attention which were not
being covered by either DISI or OSI-DS. The general consensus was that there
was as yet no justification for spinning off an operations group. Thus, this 
covered both items 2) and 6).

3) Paper 1 was then mentioned. Chris W. stated that the paper would be 
withdrawn for revisions, as the paper tended to blur the distinction between
the X.500 standard and the Quipu implementation of that standard. Chris 
promised that a revised version of the paper would be out in several

4) Paper 2 was then mentioned. The group publicly thanked Russ Wright and 
Ruth Lang for all the work they'd done on the paper. Several people then 
mentioned that there were some DUAs which did not appear in the paper, and
Russ and Ruth stated that they would include them.

5) Discussion then turned to the third paper. Many people felt that there 
were some other papers which needed to be assigned before the 'Advanced Usages'
paper; one which was agreed upon was a paper 2.5, a 'How to get Connected'
paper.  Steve Kille agreed to post to the list several papers written
by European X.500 groups which could be assimmilated and 
used as a springboard for the new paper; a 'How to join a pilot' paper, and
a 'How to set up a DSA' paper.

6) Point 6 was covered in the discussion of point 2.


Chris Weider, clw@merit.edu
John Curran, jcurran@nnsc.nsf.net
Clifford Newman, bcn@isi.edu
Wengyik Yeong, yeongw@psi.com
Bill Manning, bmanning@rice.edu
Bill Biagi, bbiagi@cos.com
Minick Rushton, rushton@stsci.edu
Tom Sandoski, tom@concert.net
Brian Lev, lev@nsinic.gsfc.nasa.gov
Lenore Jackson, jackson@dftnic.gsfc.nasa.gov
Chi Chu, chi@sparta.com
Peter Liebscher, pleib@sura.net
Randy Butler, rbutler@ncsa.uiuc.edu
Louis Leon, osll@emuvax1.cc.emory.edu
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Jill Foster, Jill.Foster@newcastle.ac.uk
Dave Brent, brent@cdnnet.ca
Ittai Hershman, ittai@nis.ans.net
Mel Pleasant, pleasant@cc.rutgers.edu
Russ Wright, wright@lbl.gov
Arlene Getchell, getchell@es.net
Erik Huizer, erik.huizer@surfnet.nl
Steve Hardcastle-Kille, S.Kille@cs.ucl.ac.uk
Ruth Lang, rlang@nisc.sri.com
April Marine, april@nisc.sri.com
Marsha Perrott, mlp@andrew.cmu.edu
Dana Sitzler, dds@merit.edu
Peter Duetsch, peterd@cc.mcgill.ca
Alan Emtage, bajan@cc.mcgill.ca
Urs Eppenberger, eppenberger@switch.ch
Jack Hahn, hahn@sura.net
Robert Enger, enger@seka.scc.com
Tim Howes, tim@umich.edu
Mark Knopper, mak@merit.edu
Pat Smith, psmith@merit.edu
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