Re: RE: X.500 Survey status (Russ Wright) Wed, 08 May 1991 15:34 UTC

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From: (Russ Wright)
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Subject: Re: RE: X.500 Survey status
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> I assume if you never hear from these vendors that you will draft something
> up and try and get their stamp-of-approval on your results.  Of all the
> responses received, the ones mentioned above are the ones that I am most
> interested in seeing.

I wouldn't assume that.  We are getting contact information for Retix and 
Siemens and will send mail off to them.  If you have a contact at Wollongong 
or Unisys, let us know.  If they don't reply, they won't be in the RFC unless 
someone is willing to write them up (I'm not).   My best guess is that they 
are not aware of the survey.  Once they are, I'll bet that they will be happy 
to help us out.


P.S. Ruth - Please comment if you disagree.