xdi - a DUA implementation

sywuu@thumper.bellcore.com (Sze-Ying Wuu) Wed, 03 July 1991 19:21 UTC

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Subject: xdi - a DUA implementation
Cc: quipu@cs.ucl.ac.uk

A beta release of a X.500 DUA implementation, xdi, is available via anonymous
FTP on thumper.bellcore.com in pub/xdi.tar.Z. Source code and
executables can be freely distributed for non-commercial and non-profit

The xdi implementation was inspired from the Quipu and Pod implementations
of ISODE release 6.8. It was originally done for an internal experimental 
protype which is slightly different from this public release. It has been
compiled and tested in SunOS environment.  

In addition to providing a user-friendly interface, xdi supports Directory
interactions of different levels of complexity. It is simple to
use for novice users but is also useful to formulate complex queries. 
Xdi accepts "user-friendly names" in most cases. There are two
different search screens to do name based search and attribute based search.
Attribute based search screen is useful to do search filtering on attribute
information, or to use attribute information to disambiguate a common name.
It also allows DISH-like filters where complex queries can be done by
logical expressions. 

The ISODE 6.8 libraries, X11R4, the associated X toolkit and Athena widget
libraries are required to install and run xdi. 

No support and warranty will be provided for xdi. However, bugs report 
are still welcome.


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