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Nathaniel S Borenstein <nborenst@us.ibm.com> Tue, 11 April 2006 21:23 UTC

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My sense is that there probably is enough interest for a BOF, but that the 
interested parties were underrepresented in the area meeting.  There might 
actually be more interest in the app area, I'm not sure.  Would it help if 
we came up with a list of parties who say they are interested in attending 
a BOF?  Perhaps that would simultaneously validate the interest level and 
give us more of an indication whether it really belongs in app or rai? 
Does that sound like a reasonable next step?  -- Nathaniel

Cullen Jennings <fluffy@cisco.com> 
04/10/2006 01:59 AM

Chris Cross/West Palm Beach/IBM@IBMUS, Jon Peterson 
<dmsp@ietf.org>rg>, Nathaniel S Borenstein/Concord/IBM@IBMUS

Hi Chris,

To be honest, I'm did not see the level of interest that something would 
normally have to do a BOF. This was just my reaction watching the room and 
I would have to much more formally go and find out what others thought but 
I really don't want to get your hopes up on this. However, if you want to 
know more about how to have a BOF, another IBM colleague wrote a good 
draft about what it takes. Have a read of 
draft-narten-successful-bof-01.txt. I am also quite sure that Nathaniel 
knows more than he would ever want to know about doing a BOF :-)


On 4/6/06 6:11 AM, "Chris Cross" <xcross@us.ibm.com> wrote:

Hi Jon and Cullen,
It was nice to meet you at the RAI area meeting in Dallas. Thanks again 
for the opportunity to present DMSP to the group.

After my presentation I talked to Cullen about scheduling a DMSP BOF at 
the next IETF meeting. He mentioned that one issue was to decide if rai or 
apps is the appropriate area. I think there's a rough consensus among the 
folks participating in DMSP that rai is the right choice. Please let us 
know how we can move forward in order to schedule a BOF at the next 


Chris Cross
Multimodal Browser Architect
IBM Boca Raton
voice 561.862.2102  t/l 975.2102
mobile 561.317.0700
fax 501.641.6727

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