WG Last Call of draft-ietf-drums-smtpupd-13.txt

DRUMS WG Chair <chris.newman@innosoft.com> Thu, 28 September 2000 21:34 UTC

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From: DRUMS WG Chair <chris.newman@innosoft.com>
To: Detailed Revision/Update of Message Standards <drums@cs.utk.edu>
Subject: WG Last Call of draft-ietf-drums-smtpupd-13.txt
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This is a WG last call of draft-ietf-drums-smtpupd-13.txt, ending October 
5th at 22:00 UT.

For the next week, please post to this list only if you have a technical 
objection to this draft of sufficient severity that you believe this 
document, which is several years overdue, should be delayed even longer.

If someone posts an objection, please do one of the following:

1) If you agree the objection is of sufficient severity to delay 
publication, please post to the list saying so.

2) If you disagree with the objection or believe it is not sufficiently 
severe to merit a delay in publishing this draft as a _Proposed_ standard, 
please send email to me privately.  At the end of the last call period I 
will post a digest of these messages.

The goal of this procedure is to maximize my ability to evaluate rough 
concensus fairly.  The rambling debate after the last call made the job 
very difficult.

Editorial comments may be sent to the draft editor for inclusion after IETF 
last call.

		- DRUMS WG Chair