Free, Interactive Refugees of the World

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The Public Affairs Resource Center of VisibilityFX ( 
introduces the 
Refugees of the World Screensaver. This quick loading screensaver features a 
animated digital image of the world with statistical data on refugees around the world. 
It also 
includes an interactive test center to test your knowledge about refugee issues. This 
is the first and only Refugee screensaver and its yours, free! Simply fill out the form at 
( and you will immediately be taken to the download area.

As a kick off to its new Interactive web site VisibilityFX ( 
welcomes you to 
download the screensaver and while your at our site take a look around and observe 
the various 
services VisibilityFX can provide your organization. The site is very appealing, uses 
the latest 
technology, and features a wild Flash intro.

Again, enjoy the screensaver and we hope to hear from you soon.

This is a targeted mailing of VisibilityFX. If you have received this mailing in error or 
would like to 
be removed from the mailing list please send an email to

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Falls Church, VA 22043