Improve your stepfamily life

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Does your stepfamily life resemble a soap opera more than it does the Brady

The Stepfamily Association of America invites you to participate in THE
NATIONAL CONFERENCE FOR STEPFAMILIES, Feb. 23-24, 2001, at the New Orleans
Marriott Hotel.

This is an opportunity, designed by knowledgeable professionals, in
stepfamilies themselves, to help you:
* Make your remarriage a success
* Create bonds with your stepchildren
* Help your children adjust emotionally
* Manage money matters unique to your family
* Get more help from legal, financial, psychological advisors
* Overcome stepfather and stepmother stereotypes
* Elicit cooperation from your children's schools
* Bring more harmony into family life

Complete conference details at

Attend, and also enjoy Mardi Gras week in New Orleans!

Special discounts for couples, students, groups.

AIRLINE SEATS FILL Special rates for conference attendees. Visit for discounts. Childcare available through a bonded
local service.

Up to 17 professional development credits available if you are an 			
educator, clinician, financial planner, social worker.

Questions? Email

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