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Subject: 48. (ADV) FREE GIFT LOCATOR!!!
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What? Christmas Shopping!!!


The two reasons to start thinking about Christmas gifts so soon are:

  • Great Deals

  • Original Gifts

That's right ladies (ok...and gentlemen), the best deals come to the early shopper. And if you are going to find that unique gift for a special person, you can't start looking to soon. I know...I am not telling you anything that you don't already know. I'm sure that many of you already have those after Christmas deals packed away for next year.


That's exactly the point...


Wouldn't It be great to get occasional email notifications about huge Christmas bargains, or unique handmade gifts that you can't find in the mall.


I love Christmas...


Christmas is a wonderful time, especially when you have found that perfect gift for your loved ones. Sometimes it's difficult shopping for so many family members and friends.


Throughout the year I come across both individual craftspeople and companies that are trying to reach customers. I have seen some wonderful products, and sadly some truly unique gifts that have never made it to market. So this year I am hoping to spread the word, make some friends and become a part of your holiday celebration.


What you get...

  • Free email notification

  • Free gift locating service

  • Free bi-monthly newsletter

Just click here and put "yes" in the subject line to start your service now! You will receive a confirmation email within 24 - 48 hrs with detailed information on how to use this service.



Please Note: Only use these links to subscribe or unsubscribe. DO NOT use the Reply function of your email program. This will help me more efficiently handle your request.


To unsubscribe click here. You do not need to put anything in the subject line to unsubscribe.



By subscribing to this service you agree to receive a confirmation email with detailed instruction on how to use this service, a bi-monthly newsletter, and periodic email notifications about available products. You will always have the option to easily remove yourself from any future mailing. You will never be asked to pay anything for any of the above mentioned services.