Re: 2nd suggested revision for MUST/SHOULD

Dave Crocker <> Sat, 29 July 2000 23:34 UTC

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To: Robert Elz <kre@munnari.OZ.AU>
From: Dave Crocker <>
Subject: Re: 2nd suggested revision for MUST/SHOULD
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At 07:24 AM 7/30/00 +1000, Robert Elz wrote:
>If anything like that were to be considered as a requirement for the IETF
>it would have to be agreed by the IETF first - and the way that would be
>done would be by going through the poisson WG first, and then an IETF
>last call after that.   None of that has happened for any suggestion in
>any way related to use of 2119, it hasn't even been hinted at.

Just to underscore this a bit more:  The IETF makes firm and universal 
rules that apply to all working groups, concerning working group PROCESS.

There is very damn little about working group technical CONTENT (or even 
specification syntax) that is mandated.  (I'm tempted to say that none is, 
but exceptions have started to occur, like pressure for strong security and 
use of unicode, but even these have some flexibility.)

Working Groups are presumed to be competent to decide the details 
appropriate for their situation.  Area Directors should, must and do 
intervene when a working group is out of control.  But those are -- 
unfortunately not as rare as one might like -- boundary conditions.


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