Re(2): [dtn-security] BSP questions

"Peter Lovell" <> Tue, 06 February 2007 14:41 UTC

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Hi Susan,

this is as I expected, and how I have been doing the implementation. I
thought I'd check, though, as strictly end-to-end would make a few
things easier. Worth a try :)


p.s. yes - clarifying text in the spec would be good

>I believe that the term "end-to-end" here was intended to mean from
>security source to security destination, where the security source is
>not necessarily the source of the bundle, and the security destination
>is not necessarily the destination of the bundle. This
>"end-to-endishness" is described in more detail in the Security
>Overview document. An end-to-end ciphersuite is distinguished from a
>"hop-by-hop" ciphersuite by the fact that the hop-by-hop ciphersuite is
>only intended to be used between adjacent nodes and never across
>multiple nodes. 
>To avoid others having the same question as you, it seems we should add
>some clarifying text to explain this, because the BSP is normative
>whereas the Security Overview is not.
>Susan Symington
>The MITRE Corporation
>703-983-7209 (voice)
>703-983-7142 (fax)
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>>Subject: [dtn-security] BSP questions
>>a question arising from doing the implementation ...
>>Bundle security spec 2.3 description for PS includes the statement
>>"The ciphersuite ID MUST be documented as an end-to-end
>>ciphersuite or as an end-to-end error-detection-ciphersuite."
>>Is it the intent that PS is only ever end-to-end? It can never be
>>at intermediate points such as a bastion gateway. Gateway-to-gateway
>>would be done using encapsulation (tunneling), so the gateway would be
>>the source for the encapsulated bundle. If this is the intent then
>>several other issues no longer exist.