[Entmib] DRAFT Minutes from IETF 60

Margaret Wasserman <margaret@thingmagic.com> Sat, 07 August 2004 14:50 UTC

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Here are my draft minutes from IETF 60.  Thanks to David Perkins for the notes.



Entity MIB (entmib) WG Minutes
IETF 60, San Diego, CA


Margaret Wasserman <margaret@thingmagic.com>


- Introduction and Agenda Bashing (5 min)

- Status of the Entity MIB (5 min)

- Wrapping up the Entity State MIB -- Sharon Chisholm (15 min)
       GOALS:  Close all open issues and ship it!

- Definitions of Supplemental Entity Managed Objects -- Kaj Tesink (20 min)
       GOALS:  Technical review & decision about how/if to move forward

- Future of the WG -- Margaret Wasserman (15 min)
       GOALS:  Determine whether a WG recharter is needed

- Wrap-up & Action Items (5 min)


Consensus was reached in the room on the following items.  These need
to be confirmed on the mailing list.

     We will request that the Entity MIB document be removed
     from the IESG queue.  We will undo the deprecation of the
     entAliasMapping identifer and resubmit the updated Entity
     MIB to the IESG for publication at PS.

     Sharon will update the Entity State MIB to correct the
     few minor issues discussed below, we will do a brief
     review on the list and submit the Entity State MIB for
     publication at PS.

     The WG recommends that the Supplemental Objects MIB
     module (formerly the TCIF MIB) should be handled as an
     AD sponsored individual submission.

The expectation is that the Entity MIB WG will shut down as
soon the Entity State MIB and the updated version of the
Entity MIB have been approved by the IESG for publication at


The MIB is currently in IETF Last Call, ends Friday.

Margaret needs to consolidate the implementation report and get it all
onto the IETF web site, probably by moving it to a single web page.

Sharon Chisholm has raised a Last Call issue regarding deprecation of
the entAliasMapping Identifier.

<See Sharon's presentation for more information.>

Ran Atkinson suggested that we might be on the brink of having a
second implementation of this table and that it would be a shame to
deprecate this object if that is the case.

Most of the people in the room expressed concern that we would not
have a way to map these two tables, requiring a product-specific
work-around.  [Note that the document editor, Andy Bierman, was not in
the room.]

There was a strong consensus in the room that we should pull back the
document from the IESG and undo the deprecation of this object.  Needs
to be confirmed on the mailing list.

There was also unanimous consensus in the room that if we do pull
the document back and undo the deprecation, we should immediately
re-submit the document for publication at PS.


<See Sharon's second presentation.>

The WG discussed each of the remaining seven issues with the Entity
State MIB.  See http://rt.iesg.com (userid: ietf, passwd: ietf) for
more details about each issue.


Issue 307 - Change the name to "unknown".

Issue 311 - Date & time issue.  We think that the IETF should make
Juergen's proposed changes to the DateAndTime TC.  The Entity
State MIB will remain unchanged.

Issue 322 - Sharon will add the Entity prefix to TCs.

Issue 325 - Sharon will make the suggested OID changes.

Issue 333 - Relationship to Alarm MIB.  The Alarm MIB will be an
informative reference.

Issue 334 - No further changes required.

Issue 354 - The word "report" will remain unchanged.  The reference
clauses citing X.731 will be removed and the reference to X.731 will
be moved to Informative.

Sharon will fix the remaining issues ASAP and we will submit the
document to the IESG with the changes agreed above.


Proposed new name: Entity MIB Extensions for Manufacturing and
Alternative Identificaton.

Kaj needs to write an I-D for URN for CLEI codes.  Originally, David
Perkins was going to do this, but they recently agreed that Kaj would
do it.

Plan is to make the changes proposed (new name and change object to
URN), get the document well reviewed by Dan, discuss on the Entity MIB
mailing list as necessary and publish as an individual submission.


Margaret shared her expectation that the WG will shut down after
the Entity State MIB has been approved by the IESG.  If others
believe that there is more work to do in this WG, they should
talk to Bert Wijnen, the Area Director, about how to continue
this work.

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