[Entmib] More on Standby

"David T. Perkins" <dperkins@dsperkins.com> Fri, 13 February 2004 08:27 UTC

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Here is a replacement for TC StandbyStatus:
  StandbyState  ::=  TEXTUAL-CONVENTION                                                                      
    STATUS         current                                          
         " Represents the possible values of standby state.
           The value 'notAvailable(1)' means that
           no information is available on the standby state
           for the entity.        
           The value 'hotStandby(2)' means the entity is not        
           providing service, and will be immediately able to 
           start providing service for the entity being backed up       
           without the need for initialization activity, and will   
           contain the same information as the entity being       
           backed up.
           The value 'coldStandy(3)' means the entity is not
           providing service, and will be able to start providing
           service for an entity (possibly one from a set) being
           backed up, and will require some initialization
           The value 'providingService(4)' means the        
           entity is providing service.
           The value 'providingSharedService(5)' means the entity
           is providing service that is summed with the service
           provided by other entities."                          
          "ITU Recommendation X.731, 'Information Technology - Open 
              Systems Interconnection - System Management: State    
              Management Function', 1992"                           
          SYNTAX         INTEGER                                    

And a replacement for entStateStandby:
 entStateStandby OBJECT-TYPE                                    
        SYNTAX StandbyStatus                                    
        MAX-ACCESS read-only                                    
        STATUS current                                          
             "The standby state for this entity. A value of    
             'notAvailable' means that this entity is unable to 
             determine standby state.                              
             Some entities will exhibit only a subset of the    
             remaining standby state values. If this entity
             cannot operate in a standby role, then the value
             with always be 'providingService'."                               
   ::= { entStateEntry 6 }                                      

>Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2004 23:41:02 -0800
>To: "Sharon Chisholm" <schishol@nortelnetworks.com>, entmib@ietf.org
>From: "David T. Perkins" <dperkins@dsperkins.com>
>Subject: Standby 
>"Standby status" items should be renamed to "standby state" to be
>consistent with the other naming of other items in the MIB module.
>(Items are "state" when value is an enumerated int, and "status"
>when the value is a bit string.)
>There is one important value missing from the enums for standby.
>It is the one that means that the service output is combined
>with other entities. This is commonly found with power supplies
>where the output is "summed". 
>Section 2.2 is incorrect. It implies that by reading the value
>of entStandbyStatus for all entities, then entities can be classified
>as redundant (or protected). This is not true. Say that there
>are two entities that are identical and provide a "protected"
>service. At any time, only one is providing service, and the
>other is standing by protecting the other. A "protection switch"
>causes the roles to change (that is the one providing service
>will switch to standing by, and the one standing by will start
>to providing service).
>In general, this MIB module does not provide enough information
>to determine 1) which entities are protected, 2) the relationship
>between the entities that are protected and the entities providing
>/david t. perkins 
/david t. perkins  

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