Re: Status of FDDI II

=David Brief <> Fri, 16 November 1990 16:27 UTC

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Subject: Re: Status of FDDI II
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	Date: Thu, 15 Nov 90 11:44:02 -0800
	From: Danny Lee <>
	Subject: Status of FDDI II
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	Can someone tell the status of FDDI II, and how I can obtain a current
	copy of the FDDI-II proposal.

	Thanks in advance for the help.

The standardization effort for FDDI-II is just about complete. 
The HRC document (Hybrid Ring Control) has completed public review
and the enhancements to MAC and PHY have been included in MAC-2 and
PHY-2 which are both out for review. The review cycle ends the first
week of December and they should both be forwarded for review to X3T9
letter ballot at the next ANSI meeting. (the only reason they were not
forwarded at the last meeting was because enough voting members were not
present at the end of the day when the issue came up).

to get a copy of the standard documents you can call global engineering
at 1 800 854 7179.

FDDI-II is gathering renewed interest because of its applicability to
networking multi-media applications (in addition to connecting to the
WANs, and ability to offer distibuted PABX services).

David Brief