Wanted: FDDI standards & s/w info

"Narayan S. Raja" <raja@cps.msu.edu> Sun, 30 June 1991 20:09 UTC

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From: "Narayan S. Raja" <raja@cps.msu.edu>
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Subject: Wanted: FDDI standards & s/w info
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Please excuse me if this request is inappropriate.
My friend at Indian Inst. of Tech., Bombay, India
emailed me to inquire about FDDI standards and
software.  Since I know nothing about LANs or
datacom I'm forwarding it to you folks.  Please
reply to me by EMAIL since I'm not on the FDDI list.

Thank you very much,

Raja   (raja@cps.msu.edu).

Subject:  FDDI software wanted

We are designing an FDDI LAN here at IITB and are looking 
for any related software (Drivers, Station Management etc) 
which can help us in speeding the process. 

Right now there isn't any such thing in Public Domain but 
many universities have developed similar stuff.  Is anyone 
willing to pass on such software for testing/experimental 

Our environment would be mostly SUN/PC ATs and the 
hardware interface are being designed around AMD FDDI 
Supernet chipset. The basic idea is that we need not 
develop everything from scratch.

Piyush (piyush%betaal@shakti.ernet.in)

Subject: FDDI standards needed...

BTW can you get any of these ANSI/IEEE standards
for FDDI:

X3.166-1989  FDDI Physical Layer, Medium Dependent (PMD).
X3.184       FDDI Physical Layer, Medium Dependent (SMF-PMD).
X3.186       FDDI Hybrid Ring Control (HRC).

P-IEEE 802.11 Standard for Local Area Network MAC Bridges 
                                       - FDDI Supplement.

X3 0503-D    FDDI Station Management (SMT) Standard (ISO 9314-6)
(This is a draft proposed from ANSI / OSI standard)