Dave Katz <> Sun, 08 July 1990 21:55 UTC

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Just wanted to let you all know that the IP over FDDI working group is
scheduled to meet on Tuesday afternoon at the Vancouver IETF meeting.
It appears that I will not be present for the meeting, so I would like
to solicit volunteers to chair the meeting.  If there are multiple
volunteers, I will choose one at random.  If there are no volunteers,
I will choose one at random...

The major issue to address at this meeting is the handling of dual-MAC
stations.  More or less formal proposals are encouraged, and if they
could be posted to this list prior to the meeting it would prove 

For what it's worth, the next issue of SIGCOMM CCR (due out July 15)
will contain an article I wrote on running IP and OSI over FDDI.  There
probably isn't too much material new to those who have been participating
in this working group, but it may prove useful as a tutorial to the
newer participants.  A prize will be awarded to the first person to
find the one glaring technical flaw that I know of...

In other news, the internet draft revision to RFC 1103 will be
republished as a Proposed Internet Standard shortly.  The text will
look almost exactly like the current internet draft, with only minor
editorial corrections.