Re: OUI != 00-00-00

Vernon Schryver <> Wed, 12 September 1990 03:21 UTC

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From: Vernon Schryver <>
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Subject: Re: OUI != 00-00-00
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> From:!nvuxe!larryl (Lawrence J Lang)
> Date: 11 Sep 1990  18:09 EDT
> ...
> Then, an FDDI/Ethernet bridge would translate such an FDDI frame into
> an 802.3 frame, rather than a traditional Ethernet frame, on the 'orange hose'.
> No problem for 1042-capable systems, but it would lock out 894-only systems.
> This may not matter if EARP is only of interest to systems on the FDDI ring,
> but this effect seems to militate against specifying such a SNAP.
> The SNAP should probably use the OUI 00-00-00,
> and an EtherType assigned for EARP.
> Larry Lang
> Bellcore

I don't understand the reasons, tho I like the conclusion.

What systems would be "locked out" and of what?  All that I can see is some
machines on ethernet yellow hose would not be able to participate in the
new fangled Modified Extended ARP that might be happening on FDDI rings
bridged to the ether.  How many ethernet hosts care about EARP?  Even if an
ethernet host cares, what can it do with, about, or for EARP?  Is someone
proposing bridging some ethernets to some one ring while others are bridged
to the other?

I don't understand how the 1042/1103/11?? translating rules help decide
choosing between a new non-00-00-00 OUI and a new EtherType.

For irrational, aesthetic reasons I prefer a new EtherType with a 00-00-00
OUI.  I also think it would be slightly simpler to hack into BSD style code
like mine.  I've heard from a tentative, possible, if-no-one-else-does,
if-Postel-says-EARP-will-be-an-RFC-soon, volunteer with some spare