7.3 status

Niels Ole Brunsgaard <nob@iris.craycom.dk> Thu, 08 July 1993 08:20 UTC

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I'm new on the SNMP FDDI MIB. I would very much appreciate if somebody
could answer a few questions I have.

1) When is version 7.3 of the FDDI MIB expected to be published as
   an RFC ?.

2) We will be shipping a product based on SMT 7.2 in the near future.
   Do we: 	
		a) Implement RFC 1285 as best we can.
		b) Implement the current 7.3 draft.
		c) Leave out any SNMP FDDI support until the WG 
		   completes its task.
Thank you in advance.

	Niels Ole Brunsgaard
	Cray Communications A/S
	Copenhagen, Denmark.