Implementation questions

Chris Chiotasso <> Thu, 22 July 1993 20:34 UTC

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From: Chris Chiotasso <>
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Subject: Implementation questions

I am starting to implement the new fddi draft MIB.  I have a few questions
and would appreciate any assistance.

Is there any requirement/advantage to keep the MAC, Path and Port
indices unique across all SMTs or is it sufficient to keep them unique
with a given SMT?

The fddimibPATHIndex is defined as having a value from 3 to 255.  Do 
these values have any special meaning or do they just start at 3 instead
of 1 and get assigned as appropriate to the implementation?

The fddimibSMTNumber, fddimibMACNumber... all indicate that they are static
for a given initialization of the management system.  Is this being changed
along the lines of the new ifNumber to allow them to change when a new
card is swapped in/out?