fddi mib update

Anil Rijsinghani <anil@levers.enet.dec.com> Fri, 28 May 1993 18:57 UTC

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Subject: fddi mib update

    A new draft of the FDDI MIB should be out shortly, incorporating
    the following edits resulting from the FDDI MIB WG meeting from
    Ohio.  Let me know if anything's missing -- we hope to be able
    to turn this over to the IESG shortly.

    1) Change every occurence of 'smt73' to 'fddimib'
    2) In the description of fddimibSMTStationAction, remove text
       requiring fddiSMTRemoteDisconnectFlag to be set by an SNMP
       invocation of an action.  (It's set by SMT causing the action)
    3) Change name of fddimibMACDupAddrTest to fddimibMACDupAddressTest
    4) Updated descriptions of fddimibPATHTVXLowerBound,
       fddimibPATHTMaxLowerBound, and fddimibPATHMaxTReq to give the
       default value in nsecs, with the msec number in parens.