The next draft Thu, 04 March 1993 13:49 UTC

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I have been unable to champion the cause of needed progress on the FDDI MIB as
a result of being oversubscribed with IETF activities.  Once in a while, I
must pay attention to my day job.  My duties in the SNMP V2 and SNMP
Security efforts plus my work on the nominating committee as a result of the
POISED efforts have consumed the time that would have gone to finishing the
FDDI MIB, which I think we are close to doing.  That is, if the editor would
just write it up.

Since all we need is to get the editor to write it up, and then try to get
consensus, and the current editor isn't cutting it, it seems obvious that
we need to get a new editor.

To that end, I have asked Anil Rijsinghani to help in the editorial work.  I
asked him because he has been very dilligent in reviewing drafts and
preserving quality.  I was pleased he was willing to do this.

You, as a group, have been [perhaps too] kind about the delays.  I appreciate
that you have cut me slack and not flamed me for that.  Please keep that

I'll continue to chair the committee but expect that Anil, Ron, James, and
the rest of the high bandwidth contributors will continue to drive the
discussion.  That is, I'm not quitting, I'm just getting some badly needed
help for the good of the community.

I trust that if this is problematic for anyone they'll let me know ASAP.
I don't expect that, I expect to hear a large sigh of relief; however, one
never knows in today's IETF climate. :-(  If there is a problem, please 
let me know, and we'll address it.

Thank you Anil for taking on this task.  Everyone else, please support him
with that same helpful spirit you provided to me.

See you in Columbus, if not at Interop.