fddi mib wg minutes from washington 25th plenary

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        Minutes of the FDDI MIB Working Group  November 19, 1992

The FDDI MIB Working Group met on November 19, 1992 in Washington, D.C.

This being the second meeting of the group after a lengthy hiatus, the chair
invested the time to introduce the goals and for participants to introduce
themselves to one another.  The agenda for the meeting was reviewed and
adopted.  The roster was circulated.

A brief report was received on the standardization status of SMT 7.2 within
ANSI.  Finalization is expected soon.

The current draft was introduced, including the algorithms used for object
inclusion and exclusion and the algorithms used for transforming objects
between GDMO and the SNMP/SMI concise MIB format.

The identified issues were discussed in turn:

    The group agreed that the inclusion of the PATHConfiguration information
    objects is desirable, given the relative costs and benefits.  The group
    discussed two proposals that have been advanced, one from Anil and one
    from Sal.  The editor was directed to incorporate the PATHConfiguration
    information in the next draft based on Sal's suggested table format.

    The group agreed to express FddiTime as a positive integer in 1 nanosecond
    units.  The editor was directed to include a complete, appropriate,
    example to eliminate the confusion surrounding two's complement.

    The group agreed to rescale Timestamp to express it in 1 millisecond units.

  Correction of equations and relationships
    This is no longer a problem thanks to the assistance of Floyd Ross, who
    was able to supply machine readable text that could be successfully
    imported by the document's editor.

  SMT <-> SNMP Index mappings
    The group was pleased with the current draft which includes sparse mappings
    of the index values to match SMT.

The editor was directed to prepare a new draft to reflect these decisions and
to have it posted to the Internet Drafts directories.

Discussion of event notifications was deferred until after the MIB design
work is completed.

Jeff Case