Re: mib status?

Anil Rijsinghani <> Fri, 08 January 1993 03:38 UTC

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From: Anil Rijsinghani <>
Subject: Re: mib status?


> i'm looking for the most current status of FDDI MIb? 
> thank-you in advance.
> kimberly

    Not sure what level of detail you are looking for, but briefly
    here's the current state of affairs: the currently published
    FDDI MIB based on ANSI SMT 6.2, RFC-1285, is being revised to conform
    to SMT 7.2.  A draft mib was sent out and several comments
    on it received both at the November IETF meeting and on this list.
    The editor is working on updating the draft as per these comments.
    Once the WG reviews this and any further comments are resolved, it
    would be published as PS.