Fddi mib updates

Anil Rijsinghani <anil@netcad.enet.dec.com> Thu, 15 December 1994 22:01 UTC

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Subject: Fddi mib updates

I am in the process of editing RFC1512 in preparation for its advancement
to DS.  The changes are primarily editorial: there are 3 objects in
which there are typographical errors.  Also, the standard is now
"official" and designated as X3.229-1994, and the abstract will be
updated to indicate this.

As for RFC-1285, I believe we have allowed a sufficient period of time
for phasing out the obsoleted SMT 6.2 upon which it is based, and should
also correspondingly obsolete this RFC.  SMT 6.2 was an intermediate draft
in the creation of the FDDI SMT standard and at this point defining parallel
SNMP manageability for it is causing confusion.

If there are further comments, please bring them up at this time.