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Hello someone concerned Bridge

I have a question about the MIB-II's interface related counts of FDDI
interface in bridge.

Let's suppose there is a FDDI-to-Ethernet bridge.
When a frame arrive in a FDDI interface of bridge,
the destination address of this frame be compared with
filtering database for determining forwarding or
discarding by relay entity.
Do above frame cause the ifInUcastPkts, ifInNUcastPkts,
ifInOctets's increament?

If a bridge is Ethernet-to-Ethernet bridge, those count
should be incremented.
But if a bridge is FDDI-to-Ethernet bridge, I doubt the
FDDI interface count all octets in ring.

Please comment my question.

Soo N. Kim
GoldStar Information and Communications

  •   Kim Soo-Nyun