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avri@psg.com Sun, 24 October 2004 21:47 UTC

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On 24 okt 2004, at 13.42, Jamal Hadi Salim wrote:

> I think people may be confused if you are actually following the
> discussion (since you are unusually quiet) hence the comments you may
> have seen.

for the most part i was fine with the conclusions folks were coming up 
with.  in my attempt to reman as impartial in this group as possible, i 
only get vocal when things really concern me.  in many cases, i saw a 
lot of the disagreements as of the 6 of 1 and a 1.2 dozen of the other 
variety, with either option being workable.  in those cases where i 
thought it mattered, things went in a direction i was comfortable with, 
so why say "me too".

also due to my schedule, i have often been delayed many days in reading 
the email. so, often, by the time i read through the exchange there was 
very little left to say.

> The path issue has been resolved; i think we may be just talking past
> each other. The issue thats still open is the data packing.

can someone offer a note that expresses the still open conflict that 
all parties can agree with? the one i put back does not really express 
the still open issue as far as i can tell.

> The WG should see the draft after we are done i think. I wouldnt say we
> are.

i tend to disagree with this.  now that this is a WG document, and the 
WG is the owner of the doc, i believe they should have more frequent 
snapshots and should be brought into the discussions.

but i defer to the team and the chairs on this issue.

>> Anyhow, over the next 20 hours I will try to remain available as much
>> as possible to get a draft out that meets this team's rough consensus.
> Great.

except that i am not seeing any edits from anyone.

15 hours to go, and i plan to sleep some of them if at all possible.

i am currently working on a 00 - 01 change list appendix. which will 
show up in 01-7.


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