question about transaction operation in ForCES protocol draft!

Chuanhuang Li <> Sun, 23 December 2007 11:12 UTC

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From: Chuanhuang Li <>
Subject: question about transaction operation in ForCES protocol draft!
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    we are implementing the ForCES protocol,I have one question in the Transaction Protocol part.

in the draft:   1: TRCOMP is sent by the CE to signal the FE(s) that the   transaction they have COMMITed is now over.  This allows the FE(s) an   opportunity to clear state they may have kept around to perform a   rollback (if it became necessary). (page 22)
   2: The FE MUST respond to the CE's EOT message.  (page 22)   If all participating FE(s) respond with a success indicator within   the expected time, then the CE MUST issue a TRCOMP operation to all   participating FEs.  An FE MUST NOT respond to a TRCOMP. (page 23)

question:   We assume that the transaction operation is occured between CE and one FE, if there is failure when FE executes the full transaction, and it tells the result to CE through sending COMMIT-RESPONSE message.Whether FE should clear state they have kept still after it received the TRCOMP message? or CE shouldn't send the TRCOMP message in this case,and FE will clear the information once there is error? I think the latter may be a better solution,but the draft hasn't explained it clearly.

    Hope your answers!!
    Thanks and best regards!!                                                                                 Chuanhuang Li                                                                     Zhejiang Gongshang University.China                                                                                  12/23/2007
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