Re: minutes and slides uploaded

"Wang,Weiming" <> Fri, 21 November 2008 04:52 UTC

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Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2008 12:52:54 +0800
From: "Wang,Weiming" <>
Subject: Re: minutes and slides uploaded
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Dear Chairs,

A question is always surrounding me. 

Before the WG chairs was adjusted in 2007, we had quite discussions on the TMLs we may adopt, including TCP/TCP, TCP/UDP, SCTP. We never had a cousencus on the question. 

While since someday in 2007 after the WG chair changed, the SCTP TML draft suddenly became the WG document.

My question is, 
. via which process this happened?
. and how much have you got agreement on this TML?


From: "Jamal Hadi Salim" <>

>I have uploaded the minutes and slides from Tuesdays meeting on the IETF
> website.
> cheers,
> jamal