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"Wang,Weiming" <> Fri, 21 November 2008 14:11 UTC

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From: "Joel M. Halpern" <>
> That poll took place.  A long time ago.
Do you mean years ago? Can anyone show the related messages or links?
Now, I'v checked the message archives back to March 2007 the time IETF 68th meeting, I still havn't seen any such poll, let alone a conseucus.  
Maybe I missed something.

If it took palce before 2007, it is sure that such poll made no consencus, because in 68th meeting, we were still discussing about the TMLs.


> Yours,
> Joel
> Wang,Weiming wrote:
>> Hi Jamal,
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>> From: "Jamal Hadi Salim" <>
>>> Request for it to become a WG document go as far as 2006 - so the standard
>>> process was followed: An individual document was released. The WG was polled
>>> to make it a WG item. 
>> As far as messages I'v  followed, I have not seen things like "The WG was polled to make it a WG item"  for the SCTP draft. 
>> thanks,
>> Weiming