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Jamal Hadi Salim <> Fri, 21 November 2008 15:56 UTC

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From: Jamal Hadi Salim <>
Subject: Re: minutes and slides uploaded
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Ok, here's a link of example email response from Joel in 2006:

Please dig the archives and meeting minutes before making further claims.


On Fri, Nov 21, 2008 at 9:11 AM, Wang,Weiming <> wrote:
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> From: "Joel M. Halpern" <>
>> That poll took place.  A long time ago.
> Do you mean years ago? Can anyone show the related messages or links?
> Now, I'v checked the message archives back to March 2007 the time IETF 68th meeting, I still havn't seen any such poll, let alone a conseucus.
> Maybe I missed something.
> If it took palce before 2007, it is sure that such poll made no consencus, because in 68th meeting, we were still discussing about the TMLs.
> thanks,
> Weiming
>> Yours,
>> Joel
>> Wang,Weiming wrote:
>>> Hi Jamal,
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>>> From: "Jamal Hadi Salim" <>
>>>> Request for it to become a WG document go as far as 2006 - so the standard
>>>> process was followed: An individual document was released. The WG was polled
>>>> to make it a WG item.
>>> As far as messages I'v  followed, I have not seen things like "The WG was polled to make it a WG item"  for the SCTP draft.
>>> thanks,
>>> Weiming