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"Wang,Weiming" <> Sat, 23 February 2008 15:13 UTC

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From: "Wang,Weiming" <>
Subject: Re: Model Draft - Property
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Just talking about myself, I'v read through the earlier version and proposed comments already. Sorry that I havn't got time recently to go through it again for the latest change( which I also think not very necessary), but I'm ok with the latest discussion results. 
 Anyway, I'm ok with the draft to go ahead.
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> From: "Joel M. Halpern" <>
> > Has anyone in the working group other than Tom even read the latest 
> > version?  (It's up to the chairs, but I hope that we will get the go 
> > ahead to send to the IESG even if folks haven't read it.  But it would 
> > be MUCH better if other folks had looked at it!)
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> > Yours,
> > Joel
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