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Indeed, I refrained as I saw that the use of ZeroBasedCounter32 was often
discouraged ... But in the ForCES MIB, when the ForCES association comes
up, a table row is created, and when the association goes down, the table
row is destroyed. So it would be more natural if the counters in that row
were zero-based (zeroed upon creation of the table row) instead of
starting at a random value. If you say it's an acceptable use case then
I'll change to ZeroBasedCounter32.

Note that an association is identified by its index which is the
concatenation of the FEID and CEID forming the association. So a new
association coming up between the same FEID and CEID would appear with the
same index as a previous association that went down. Would this be
considered a discontinuity as the counters appear to be reset ? Apart from
that, what else would cause a discontinuity ?
I'd use the text from page 32 in to
address this.


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09/08/2008 03:07 PM
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Pls post this to forces WG list.
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>I sort of wonder if the Counter32 is the proper datatype for some
> of the counters. They sound more like ZeroBasedCounter32 to me.
> Further I do not see any text regarding possible discontinuities.
> Bert Wijnen