Re: List merging?

Greg Vaudreuil <gvaudre@NRI.Reston.VA.US> Thu, 15 November 1990 15:22 UTC

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From the manager of these lists.....

The frame-relay mailing list was created only because of popular
interest, not for any particular purpose.  As such, I have no problem
mashing this list into others.  First, I have two observations.

IP over Frame Relay seems to have two parts to the solution.  

1) IP framing over Frame Relay.  I understand frame-relay to be
   essentially a point to point service, and I have heard that PPP can
   be extended to include frame-relay support.  To the best of my
   knowlege (Stev Knowles?) this has not been exaustively explored.
   and will need to be to get this service up.  Inquire on the PPP
   mailing list....

   Mailing list:
   Request list:

2) Routing and Address Resolution are identical problems to those
   encountered in X.25, SMDS, and ISDN.  For this work, the IPLPDN
   mailing list is the place to go.  

   Mailing list:
   Request list:

   If there are no strong objections, I will fold the frame-relay list
   into the iplpdn list.  (cursory viewing shows a 60% overlap
   including the usual list of exploders....) Lets say I'll take comments
   till Wednesday.  (send to frame-relay-request PLEASE!!! I get too
   much direct mail as it is and the ability to pick is golden)

Comments? (no flames)

Greg V.