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Bob Hinden <> Wed, 14 November 1990 17:14 UTC

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There is a new working group dealing with this.  It is the "IP over
Large Public Data Networks" (iplpdn) working group.  Contact George
Clapp for more informaiton.  A copy of the charter is attached.



IP over Large Public Data Networks (iplpdn)


     George Clapp, meritec!

Mailing Lists:
     General Discussion:
     To Subscribe:

Description of Working Group:

     The IP over Large Public Data Networks Working Group (IPLPDN
     WG) will specify the operation of the TCP/IP protocol suite
     over public data networks (PDNs) such as SMDS, ISDN, X.25 PDNs,
     and Frame Relay (FR).  The working group will develop and define
     algorithms for the resolution of IP addresses and for the
     routing of IP datagrams over large, potentially global, public
     data networks.

     The IP over SMDS Working Group has defined the operation of the
     Internet protocols when SMDS is used to support relatively
     small virtual private networks, or Logical IP Subnets (LISs).
     Issues arising from public and global connectivity were
     delegated to the IPLPDN WG.

     The IPLPDN WG will also continue the work of the Private Data
     Network Routing Working Group (pdnrout) on X.25 PDNs.  This
     work will be extended to include call management and the use of
     the ISDN B channels for the transport of IP datagrams.  Address
     resolution and routing over Frame Relay will also be discussed.

Goals and Milestones:

Dec 90        Establish priorities and dates for the completion of draft
TBD           Address resolution of Internet addresses to SMDS E.164
              addresses, to ISDN E.164 addresses, to X.121 addresses,
              and to Frame Relay Data Link Connection Identifiers
              (DLCIs).  The algorithm(s) may be defined in either a
              single or in multiple documents.
TBD           Routing of IP datagrams across very large internets
              implemented on SMDS and on other PDNs.
TBD           ISDN and X.25 connection management and the use of the
              ISDN B and D channels.