Protocols over Frame Relay

Juha Heinanen <> Sat, 17 November 1990 08:35 UTC

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Subject: Protocols over Frame Relay

   Well, what about IEEE SNAP encapsulation?  802.6 uses it...  It
   might simplify the Frame Relay -> BISDN transition (since as I
   understand it, Frame Relay is an interim solution until ISDN
   becomes truly datagram oriented [eg. ATM]).

I'm not sure how interim FR will be.  It would be perfectly possible
to keep offering FR customer interface to an ATM backbone.  In fact,
since both ATM and FR are connection oriented, this would be very
straigthforward to do.  Why should the customer equipment be burdened
by the segmentation function?  Even in the ETSI MAN comittee someone
from France has proposed a low-cost FR interface for their SMDS style

-- Juha