Re: IP and frame relay

Steve Deering <> Fri, 16 November 1990 21:22 UTC

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From: Steve Deering <>
Subject: Re: IP and frame relay
To: Bob Hinden <>
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> From: Bob Hinden <>
> ... We came to the conclusion that the problems of running
> IP on SMDS were very similar to other public networks.

Yes, but there are also some significant differences:

	- SMDS supports multicast (of a sort)
	- SMDS offers connectionless service

which may allow for a more efficient and/or a more easily configured IP
service to be implemented over SMDS than over other types of PDNs.  So
I would argue against a lowest-common-denominator solution, if that's
what is being advocated.

I have no idea what sort of service is offered by Frame Relay.  (I
thought I saw a message referring to multicast support in Frame Relay??)
What should I read to learn about it, and where can I get that reading