Re: Protocols over Frame Relay

Philippe Prindeville <> Fri, 16 November 1990 17:05 UTC

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From: Philippe Prindeville <>
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Subject: Re: Protocols over Frame Relay

	Date: Thu, 15 Nov 90 16:46:55 CST
	From: Joel Halpern <>
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	Subject: Protocols over Frame Relay
	Several people have observed that there is an open question
	about how to handle protocols over frame relay.
	This mechanism is much more useful if we can treat it as a limited LAN.
Well, what about IEEE SNAP encapsulation?  802.6 uses it...  It
might simplify the Frame Relay -> BISDN transition (since as I
understand it, Frame Relay is an interim solution until ISDN
becomes truly datagram oriented [eg. ATM]).

On another front, I agree that NT/BNR should support multicasting.
Since future fabrics will (may?) support this, we might as well
start using it now, even if it causes the switch to do a little
extra work (and generate more traffic)...