SMDS Interest Group Meeting

Dan Lynch <> Thu, 01 November 1990 07:44 UTC

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From: Dan Lynch <>
Subject: SMDS Interest Group Meeting
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There will be a one day meeting on Nov 15 at the Red Lion Inn in San Jose, CA
open to anyone interested in potentially forming a working group to further
the avaiability of SMDS service both in the US and internationally.  The
intention is to have the "interest group" be composed of users, service
providers (local and long distance carriers), computer manufacturers and
router/switch manufacturers.  Essentially we all have a stake in seeing
to it that such an "offering of service" is defined and provided in a way
that is useful for both buyers and sellers.  If you are interested in 
coming to this meeting, please contact Elaine Kearney at 415-941-3399
or as for further meeting details.  We have set
aside a room for 200 for this meeting and if that is not enough we need to
know soon.