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George Clapp <meritec!> Wed, 17 October 1990 14:29 UTC

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Subject: new working group
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A new working group was formed within the routing area at the last
IETF meeting in Vancouver, BC.  The group is called "Address Resolution
and Routing across Large Public Data Networks", and a tentative acronym
is LPDN-WG.  The group is intended to deal with issues related to
operating IP over large public data networks such as SMDS, X.25,
and frame relay.

The "IP over SMDS" Working Group has written an internet draft
describing the operation of IP over SMDS in a virtual private network
scenario.  This document is in the last stages of approval for release
from the working group, and the co-chairs anticipate that the group will
shepherd the document through the approval process and then dissolve.
The LPDN-WG will continue the work on SMDS by considering issues related
to wide scale public connectivity.

The "Private Data Network Routing" Working Group (pdnrout), which dealt
with the operation of IP over X.25 public data networks, dissolved at
the Vancouver meeting, with the intention that LPDN-WG will continue
its work.

Finally, frame relay is beginning to be discussed within the IETF and
it is appropriate to fold that work into this new group as well.

A charter with objectives and a timeframe for completion will be
distributed soon.

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