Sprint Data Frame Relay Service

Kent England <kwe@buitb.bu.edu> Thu, 04 October 1990 20:42 UTC

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From: Kent England <kwe@buitb.bu.edu>
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Subject: Sprint Data Frame Relay Service
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	In case you hadn't heard, Sprint will be offering frame
relay service on its data network.  Sprint includes the old
Telenet company.

	According to Network World, Sprint will implement frame
relay on their TP4900 packet switches (apparently a software
upgrade from X.25 service -kwe).  They will support 56k, 64,
frac T1, and full T1.

	Sprint will deploy TP4900s throughout their net,
eventually supporting both X.25 and frame relay.

	Sprint will establish a program to certify other vendors'
hardware to interoperate with Sprint frame relay.  Sprint has
not decided to join the DEC/StrataCom/NTI/cisco spec/interoperability

	cisco, Proteon, 3Com, StrataCom and Timeplex have
indicated willingness to interoperate with the Sprint FR network.

	Your Faithful Reporter;    Kent