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> Hi,
>     How does SNMP differ from GSMP?Is SNMP replacement for GSMP.Pls do explain
> me how do they differ


While in some very abstracted and general sense, SNMP and 
MIBs could be directed to most any configuration and control 
task, its mechanisms are not well suited for many specific 
control tasks.  In fact the design and use of SNMP seems to 
be largely limited to its use as a way to get status from a 
device rather then to direct the configuration or real time 
behavior of a device.  Although, admittedly there are those 
that do try to bend SNMP to dynamic control and 
configuration tasks.

In the case of GSMP, the protocol has been specialized to 
deal with the needs of a label switch (loosely defined as
any switch that makes its forwarding decisions based on a
small pre-defined set of fields in a packet).  I.e. instead 
of supporting multiple arbitrary information models through 
the use of  MIBs, it is constructed around the specific 
needs of label switches that are separated from their 


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