[GSMP] GSMP WG minutes

Avri Doria <avri@sm.luth.se> Mon, 12 August 2002 06:38 UTC

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The following are the minutes of the meeting.   Apologies for the delay, I
have been travelling and having trouble with my laptop.  The raw minutes
minutes were delivered in a very timely fashion by Kohei Shiomoto.  My
thanks to him.

Please send me any comments or corrections.



The GSMP meeting was chaired by Avri Doria and minutes were taken by
Kohei Shiomoto 

1. The agenda was reviewed and was approved by the meeting attendants.

2. Requirements for adding optical support to GSMPv3 
   - draft-ietf-gsmp-reqs-02.txt was presented by Avri Doria
The changes from 01 version include:

- Sections are rearranged to fit the RFC format.
- List of issues in Section 4 is detailed in appropriate part of 
- Switching capability information is addressed. ITU-T G.805 model 
  is referenced to model transport signal multiplex hierarchy. G.803 
  for SDT/SONET, G.705 for PDH, G.872 for OTN.
- Port location identifier is extended. Bay/Shelf/Slot/Port is encoded.
- Encapsulation: Encapsulation methods should be supported to meet 
  G.ASTN CCI-interface requirements.
- Bi-directional connection replacement should be done. Add Branch 
  message must be changed to allow B and R flags be used in at the 
  same time.

There was no objection against issuing a last call on the requirements
doucment. Everyone was encouraged to read the draft and to send
comments to the list if something is missing for the last call.

3. Extensions for optical burst switch
   - draft-choi-gsmp-optical-extension-00.txt was presented by Jun Kyun Choi

This was a proposal for:
 -  Extensions for GSMP for burst switching in optical domain
 -  Reservation Message is extended
 -  New service identifier OBS service ID with parameters of offset time 
   and burst length

These changes are motivated by:
 - Data optical burst switching using on-the-fly resource reservation.
 - Real-time on-demand reservation.
 - Limitation optical device 
   (buffer, tuning delay, switch size, switch delay)

Avri asked the floor whether 
(1) this draft should be merged into draft-ietf-gsmp-reqs-02.txt? or
(2) this draft should be adapted as WG document? or
(3) this draft should not be adapted as WG document?

The floor response was (1).  The Requirements design team and the
authors need to work together to incorpate the new requirements into
the draft so that it can then be submitted for WG last call as was
discussed earlier in the meeting.

4. A MIB proposal
   - draft-cha-gsmp-management-00.txt was presented by Young Wook Cha

This draft proposed extensions to the GSMP MIB for control of switch
control in the GSMP master controller.

As the charter does not include this work item, the WG needs to ask
the IESG for an extension to the charter for this work to be

Avri asked the floor whether we should ask the IESG to modify the 
charter to include this issue. The floor consensus was that it is good 
idea to change the charter.

Avri asked the authors to rework the draft to better explain its
motivations.  Avri will work with the authors in developing a proposal
for the IESG.  This proposal will need to be reviewed by the WG before
being forwarded to the IESG for consideration.

5. Dynamic partitioning draft was presented by Avri Doria

While there was still a last edit to be contributed by Jonathan Sadler
on the ability of one virtual switch to provide a service to another virtual
switch, the meeting conditionally approved sending the draft to the WG
list for last call as soon as it was reissued with the additonal

6. A discussion on the structure of GSMP Specification was presented
   by Avri Doria 

The GSMP specification document is already very complex and would
become too complex if all of the material mandated by the new requirements
were to be included into a single document (ATM, FR, TDM, Lambda, Fiber, 
Optical burst switch).

The proposal was made to divide the specification into several drafts.

   - Basic messages and protocol function
   - Generic Switch
   - Layer 2 switch (ATM, FR)
   - TDM compatible switch
   - Lambda compatible switch
   - Fiber compatible switch

Avri asked the floor whether the organization is reasonable or not?
The answer is that it is reasonable. Volunteers should contact the 
chairs to be involved into the DTs. DT will start the task next month.

A call was made for design team to volunteer for each of the
7. Other Issues

Forces requirements document is complete. Avri asked the floor whether 
there is any interest in implementing the Forces requirements in GSMP. 
The floor response was positive. The floor also asked whether the 
Forces chair agrees or not. The Forces chair attending the GSMP meeting 
answered tha yes, GSMP could present a solution proposal for consideration to

A design team will be formed. Anyone intersted should contact the WG chairs.

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