[GSMP] Issue of MPLS configuration

avri <avri@sm.luth.se> Thu, 08 August 2002 18:01 UTC

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As you can read from this question, which was published on the 
MPLS list, is also relevant to the GSMP WG.

I invite discussion.


(ps. i know i am late getting our minutes out - completely my
fault - i will attempt to get it done real soon now)


Wijnen, Bert (Bert) wrote:

> I think I am missing two important pieces w.r.t. the MIBS
> and that is the main concerns and the status and next steps. 
> They can be copied from my slides as I saw them. 
> I think Loa added that we need at least another WG Last Call
> (once we see new revs) and that discussion is needed if 
> things have become too complex and which pieces people have 
> (or intend to) impement(ed).
> My slides showed:
> - Main concerns/worries:
>   o How do Label Distribution Protocols, SNMP, 
>     Manual config, GSMP interact and make sure
>     they do not step on each others toes??
>   o How are assignments under mplsMIB controlled?
>   o Who is implementing all these Mibs?
>   o How is the impact on follow up (G)MPLS MIBs?
> - Status/Action plan
>   o Authors have answered a lot of comments and 
>     supposedly know what needs to be fixed.
>   o Authors revising MIBs to address comments.
>     Sofar I have received a new TC MIB, need
>     revisions of all otehr MIBs
>   o Then will need to re-review (MIB-Doctor)
>   o I want the WG to re-review as well and make 
>     sure that you all agree, before it gets approved
>   o Means another WG Last Call (or so I think)
> Thanks,
> Bert 

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