[GSMP] Bi-directional Add Branch

"MaurizioArturo DeMichele" <MaurizioArturo.DeMichele@marconi.com> Mon, 04 March 2002 10:32 UTC

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Subject: [GSMP] Bi-directional Add Branch
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Hi all,

I have a question about the B (Bi-directional) flag: the current draft
specifies that an Add Branch message with the B flag set to 1 is equivalent
to two Add Branch messages, where the reverse direction must exchange the
values of Input Port and Input Label with the values of Output Port and
Output Label. There is (apparently) no way to specify  the Traffic
Parameters Block(s) for the reverse direction: does this mean that only
symmetric point-to-point connections can be controlled with a single Add
branch message? Is there any flag I am missing, which allows asymmetric
bi-directional connections?

Thank you all in advance for your help.

Maurizio De Michele
Marconi - Broadband Systems - Product Engineering Italy

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