[Hipsec-rg] future work on naming objects in HIP

gurtov at cs.helsinki.fi (Andrei Gurtov) Tue, 21 April 2009 14:06 UTC

From: "gurtov at cs.helsinki.fi"
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2009 17:06:15 +0300
Subject: [Hipsec-rg] future work on naming objects in HIP
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I think the topic is interesting, and could be pursued in HIPRG.
However, probably it would be better not to take any of existing drafts
as-is as RG item, but rather to create a new id on the object naming
where all interested researchers could contribute. The draft would
concentrate more on conceptual requirements and architecture rather than
specific modifications of HIP headers, etc. This way there is a greater
chance that there is going to be critical mass in the RG to support the
draft through several revisions (and several years, to be realistic)
until publication as RFC. My concern is if we take some existing draft
directly, probably there will be little interest in RG other than from
draft authors to work on the document. What do you think?


Henderson, Thomas R wrote:
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>> From: Gyu Myoung Lee [mailto:gmlee at icu.ac.kr] 
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>> Cc: 'Samu Varjonen'; Pascal.Urien at enst.fr; 'Robert 
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>> Subject: RE: future work on naming objects in HIP
>> Dear All,
>> As we have discussed several times on object related work, it 
>> seems that
>> most of experts have some interesting points but we still 
>> have technically
>> alternative solutions. Thus, it will be more productive way 
>> to officially
>> work together on this topic as a RG item  
>> First of all, in order to initiate this work as a RG item, I 
>> believe that we
>> sincerely need to work on a broadly scoped high-level informational
>> document. In addition, we also need to develop documents on detailed
>> solution spaces simultaneously.
>> In this case, hip-object document will be a candidate for high level
>> informational document which contains basic concept, various technical
>> options and use cases, etc. I can take the responsibility for 
>> developing
>> this document and also would like to invite several experts 
>> for valuable
>> comments and inputs.
> Pascal, Robert, Miika,
> You've all expressed some interest in pursuing this topic as a RG work
> item.  Gyu Myoung Lee above suggested a possible concrete path forward.
> Would you like to pursue the above with him, or other activities in
> parallel?  Does anyone else want to express opinions about going forward
> with this work?
> Tom

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