Host Resources MIB - usage and strategies?

"Michael L. Kornegay" <> Tue, 21 June 1994 22:50 UTC

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From: "Michael L. Kornegay" <>
Subject: Host Resources MIB - usage and strategies?
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 1994 18:10:42 -0500
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[those on hostmib mailing list please respond to me directly as i am
 not on the list, thanks.]

I hope you could help me with the following issues associated with
the hostmib.

I tend to believe that vendors should utilize standards track mibs
whenever possible and extend them only as necessary in their enterprise
space to accomplish the desired functionality (try to keep enterprise
definitions to the minimum necessary and permit interoperability with
the standard portion of the mib).

I have a client who has a draft of a large enterprise specific mib
that contains configuration information about their various systems.
I am considering using the hostmib as a base, defining registration
types for their devices and software in their enterprise space, adding
device specific extensions for their devices in their enterprise 
space (much like hostmib does for hrProcessorTable, etc.), similar
extension of software tables, and so on.  


  o Do you think this is a good strategy?

  o Do you have alternative recommendations?

  o How would one solve the problem where an operating system vendor
    decided to include hostmib support, but a third party needed to
    extend it (in other words, it seems if any of the systems i plan
    on doing this for already implement hostmib, i must choose to 
    run either theirs or mine)?


Michael L. Kornegay
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